339 Nelson St SW, Atlanta GA 30313



The Wine Shoe carries about 150 different hand-picked, small production, family owned wines from all over the globe. We carry a high-end line of California Cabs but most of our wines are limited production from smaller vineyards that we have visited and sat with the family that first worked the vineyards. While you will not see most of our wines in the local grocery store, you will find many of them in some of the finer restaurants in Atlanta. The few you’ll see in the grocery are specific requests by our neighbors for their convenience. We can order any wine sold in Georgia if you have a special request and we would love to do so for you. We have personally tasted almost every bottle in the store (We haven?t been able to talk our distributor out of a $180 bottle of Krug Champagne that we could sample—but we’re still trying).


A $180 dollar bottle of wine sounds pricey doesn’t it? The good news is that over 100 of our wines cost less than $20, but drink like $40 wines! We can do this because we travel the globe in search of the little guy that loves his wine the way we do. We build relationships with these families and bring the benefits home.

Wine Shoe’s goal is to provide quality wines at reasonable prices and we think we are meeting that goal. Come by and see for yourself. We are Atlanta’s only dog friendly wine shop. Beeren, our trained security dog may be in the shop.