Classes FAQ

Here are a few frequently asked questions about our classes:

How are the classes structured?

We keep our classes small and interactive. Up to 22 friends sit around our large table listening, learning, talking and tasting. Our classes combine useful and distinctive information, an informative, relaxed atmosphere, and plenty of specifically chosen wines. Classes are typically about two hours long and feature several wines to taste that serve to demonstrate varying levels of body, tannin, sweetness or dryness, fruity or earthy, and so much more.The classes are designed so that you learn about wine through tasting wine. Taste their unique attributes, their flavors, and perhaps most importantly, what really identifies each wine.

Wine Glass Painting and Tasting Classes?

Yes! And so much fun! All you need is to sign up and show up. We provide the wine, glasses, and all supplies so no BYOB worries. Email us about scheduling this as a private event.

Who attends the classes?

Our classes attract a diverse group of people including work colleagues, couples, families, singles, and groups of friends.? While many of our students are in the 25–50 range, they all, whether 21 or 91, express their enthusiasm for the classes with equal vigor. Our students consistently voice how comfortable the classes are and how at ease they feel to learn, taste, ask questions, and then tell their friends and return again to do it all over again. Each class has up to 22 people, which lends to the intimate and personalized setting always found at our events.

How do I register for a class?

Visit our Class Calendar page and click on your choice. You will receive a confirmation. The schedule is updated monthly. OR if you have a date in mind, email us and we will schedule your date if we don’t have a conflict.

Do you serve any food during class?

Before class begins we carve out a few minutes for socializing with a palate cleansing white and some artisan cheese, crackers and olives. Before class or after, we have several great places to eat within walking distance.  The Smoke Ring is in our building, Elliott St. Pub is just past the fire station, Bottle Rocket, A’Dios Cafe and No Mas are a block south – girls, you have to see the No Mas gallery gift shop located in A’Dios! WOW!

Do I need to bring anything to the class?

Please bring your confirmation letter. On your phone, that is fine we have you in our class roster and will take your name as you arrive. You need just arrive with a thirst for knowledge.

I want to buy a class as a gift for someone, is that possible?  We are also more than happy to create gift certificates. These can be for either a specific monetary value or for a class. To purchase a gift certificate stop by or simply call  404 220 9042 during business hours and we will be happy to take all your information and email you the gift certificate.